``We sold 18 Items on our first day, it was a no brainer after that``

Steven Ortiz, Top Producing Agent
Lead Filters

Our customers can select from a range of filters to target their prime demographic. There is no charge for filters so you can add as many as you like.

Time Saving

We do the dialing so you can spend all your time actually talking to prospects.


Our leads are exclusive to your agency, therefore you will only be competing with the prospects current carrier.

Proven Sales Process

In addition to leads we provide you with a tried and tested process to give you the best chance of converting our leads. There is nothing like it in the market.

Cost Effective Efficiency

The efficiency of our system keeps costs low by targeting prospects that are most likely to need your service.


We have the manpower to double or triple your lead volume within a week. Need 50 leads a day or 150 leads a day, no problem!

Minimum Requirements To Sign Up For Our Campaign

Because of the success that our campaigns have we need to make sure that your agency can handle the volume of activity we will generate. Therefore we have established minimum requirements and will not consider working with agencies that do not meet those requirements.

If you are interested in working with us but do not currently meet the below requirements please check back with us once you do.

Minimum Requirements 

  • 3 Or More Full Time Licensed Sales Producers

  • Has VOIP Phone System

  • Uses A Sales CRM Tool

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